Co-parenting After Divorce

Child's face

Your children give you the noblest reason to work on issues with your ex. Divorce doesn’t have to be traumatic for your kids, even if it has been for you and your partner. There are definite and concrete ways to support and guide your children through this difficult season. Being supported by a therapist can also provide a venue to safely air grievances and suss them out without fear that your fight will spill over into your parenting or ruin your week. Separation and divorce has no end to frustrations and hurts, even without children in the mix. Add your kids and it becomes almost unbearably heartbreaking and complex. We will help you navigate these rough waters for as long as you might need. Some therapists can also meet with your children in order to support and encourage them in their particular experience of the divorce. Please enquire as to which therapist has developmental and pediatric expertise.