It’s not easy to find a good couple specialist. They have to be personable and engaging while also knowing how to adeptly help couples find a new level of connection. The clinicians at PCT are compassionate, warm, and skilled. I trust that they work hard with the couples to help them communicate their needs and feelings, and learn to treat each other with the love and respect they each deserve.

Philadelphia Couples Therapy is always at the top of my referral list. The clinicians are warm, thoughtful, and experienced in working with a variety of issues that couples face.

PCT is where I send couples. The clinicians not only know how to help couples live together peacefully, but they lead them to a new level of intimacy. When I refer people to PCT, I know they are in the hands of warm and highly skilled practitioners.

Is your relationship suffering?

Do you feel alone even when you’re with your partner?

Do what it takes to rebuild a lasting connection.

Your relationship is worth it.

Welcome to Philadelphia Couples Therapy (PCT)!

We are a group of couples specialists who have come together with the shared belief that couples need more emotional support than they currently receive in our culture. It takes a village to forge and nurture a healthy romantic partnership. It can’t be done in isolation. And now more than ever we expect the world of our partner; they are our confidant, our co-parent, our caretaker, our best friend, our sole sexual partner, the only one who sees us at our worst. This kind of unique dependence is beautiful in many ways, but can also create a pressurized environment. We at PCT are the village to emotionally ballast and tether drifting and pained partnerships. Couples of every ilk are welcome here— the madly in love, the deeply pained, the unfaithful, or the enraged. We will help you remember what you loved about your partner, but also find new sides of each other to grow in your intimacy.

On the other side of relationships is the potential ending. Clinicians at PCT are adept at holding the subjectivity of both people, helping them navigate through rough waters to a peaceful resolution. This might mean learning to healthfully co-parent, or divorce in an amicable way. You might also hope to figure out whether you should stay or go, which unfortunately is never an easy decision. Even if it is getting along with your ex, we can find solid ground for you to continue your journey. We will be there with you until the fever breaks and as long as you need us.

Once couples have found more solid footing they might come less frequently, but pop in for booster sessions. Even if they don’t come in a lot, they know there is always a support system nearby— people who know their story, understand them, and can make sense of what is often a messy and confusing dynamic. We are here for your relationship. At PCT we are your village.