Identity Exploration

A road winding through a forest or trees with changing leaves

When we think about ourselves in relation to those around us, we are often drawn to compare the similarities and differences in our identities. Race, cultural backgrounds, ethnic groups, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability status, religion, political beliefs, and many more identity vectors create the very fabric that is human difference. Some identities seem like they are with us from day one; how we come into the world and are referenced to by those around us can greatly influence how we see ourselves. For others, certain innate feelings and life experiences might lead us to search for a more fitting identity. As an ever-evolving species, it is no surprise that our self-concepts and identity statuses are always subject to change.

For some, however, questioning or redefining an identity might not always come so easily. Some families make it unsafe to openly question a sexual or gender identity; many regions of our country still make it unsafe to fully live out a racial identity; some institutions make it uncomfortable to authentically live in one’s religion. As a result of these external forces, we can be influenced to hide or suppress the feelings associated with these very crucial parts of ourselves. Therefore, we hope to provide you with a space that is safe enough to adequately explore any identity you might wish to further examine.

Whether you are questioning your sexual or gender identity, navigating age-related difficulties, identifying equitable ways of living as a person with a disability, or redefining political ideologies, we want to welcome you to PCT and look forward to walking alongside you in your exploration.