Separation and Divorce Mediation

Couple talking at a table in a dimly lit restaurant

There are points in a relationship when going your separate ways becomes the best option. But how do you know the best way to get through such a mess? Everyone has seen a couple suffer through an acrimonious divorce, and it’s clear no one wins. People often don’t think about couples or individual therapy because they are leaving the relationship, but that turns out to be a major oversight. Trying to understand one another in the process of divorce can alleviate deep hurts and circumvent major pitfalls in the process of ending the relationship.

Divorcing can often mean dividing assets and agreeing to custody solutions. This process can be excruciating for both parties. Even if you might feel a deep rage toward your partner, allowing each person to openly discuss their desires in a safe environment can be both refreshing and illuminating, cutting through the unimportant dribble to what really matters: moving on with your life in a way that allows each person to thrive. You can trust us to be sensitive to the deep pain of this situation and to carefully hold each person’s subjectivity in order to see you through to the other side.

If it feels as though you can’t be in the same room with your ex partner, we offer individual therapy for either or both people to work through the pain and even logistics of such an enormous life change.

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