Women enjoying coffee and each other's company

Communication help is our most common request regarding couples therapy. If this sounds familiar, you might feel as though you and your partner speak different languages. Or you might feel as though your words aren’t heard at all, as though you’re invisible. Either way, being misunderstood time and again can create a chasm between you and your partner, and it’s one that is hard to bridge without help. Miscommunication also breeds stress and mistrust between partners, and that will easily bleed into all arenas of life.

Sometimes consistent miscommunication has to do with underlying assumptions based on projections. If you were to completely forget to do something your partner asked you, you would apologize immediately- if they don’t do that it’s hard to concoct a different ending than “they must not care about me” or “they are some kind of monster.” Really, for each action there are thousands of different potential reasons that might have begotten that behavior. Our task in couples therapy is to begin to understand why you and your partner act the way you do, and feel the way you do. It is by following that chain reaction in slow motion that we begin to understand the reasons behind every action.

Once you better understand one another you will find yourselves starting to have different kinds of interactions. You will slowly begin opening up to one another, being curious instead of reactive, feeling held instead of hurt. We all feel hurt or misunderstood  some of the time, but the goal is to have a strong enough foundation that you can have faith you’ll figure it out in the end.

In our work with you, we will use this unique forum of therapy to build a strong relational base where you can find ultimate security and love. With those tools, you can weather just about any storm that comes your way.