Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

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Developing a close relationship with someone who displays narcissistic tendencies can result in trauma and pain. If you believe you have experienced narcissistic abuse from a parent, a partner, a friend, or another close entity, you may have noticed daily or near-daily dread, brain fog, panic, helplessness, and powerlessness. You may feel shame, self-doubt, and confusion alongside a tendency to blame yourself for all the ways this relationship feels wrong. You may feel that you’ve lost touch with your former confidence and vitality, as though both you and your world have shrunk under the shadow of this relationship. You may continue to feel deep longing and love for a person you know has harmed you.

At PCT, we are here to validate and witness your journey to healing. We will work with you to address the acute emotional and somatic symptoms of narcissistic abuse no matter where you are in your healing process. We will cultivate compassion for all the parts of you that have emerged throughout this struggle. We’ll walk with you as you gather the pieces of yourself and put them back together. We will help you build a strong foundation that can’t be rocked, and a home in yourself where you can know peace and acceptance.

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