Negotiating Low or Mismatched Sexual Desire

Woman and man laying in the sun

You and your partner may share many things–life values, interests, children, love, a home–but may find yourself on completely different pages when it comes to intimacy and sex. You’re not alone. Everyday, the therapists at PCT work with individuals and couples from all walks of life and at all stages of their relationship who are experiencing differences in desire for sex. Therapy with us is not just about figuring out how to “want sex more” or “have more sex.” We regard sexuality from a holistic perspective and will attend to the intersection of your sex life with your entire physical and emotional well-being. We will also work with you (or with you and your partner) to process the emotions, fears, needs, and expectations you and your partner bring to the domain of sex so that you can communicate about them and hold space for each other’s raw spots. As we work through unresolved guilt, frustration, or shame, we will also help you and your partner feel empowered to author a new playbook for satisfying sex that fulfills your unique set of needs and hopes.