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Use the button below to find a timeslot with one of our therapists that works with your schedule. We will then send you the intake paperwork and logistical details.

Your credit card information will be requested to hold the timeslot, but you will not be billed until the morning of your session.

*Please note: Your appointment will only be confirmed once the intake paperwork is completed. The paperwork must be completed within 48 hours to hold your chosen timeslot.

The first session will be when you and your therapist decide if you are a good fit. Keep in mind that one of the most important healing aspects of therapy is a good connection with one's therapist— if you feel at home you are most likely to find hope and healing. If you don't feel completely comfortable with your therapist we can either find you a different therapist at PCT or refer you to someone else in the community. It's of utmost importance that you find someone you feel connected with and we will help you in that journey.