Couples Psychological Assessments

Questions you might hope to answer:

“What should we know about each other before taking the next step in our relationship?”

“How can we strengthen our relationship to make it the best it can be?”

“What disagreements or conflicts might we encounter in the future?”

“Why do we keep getting stuck in the same argument or pattern with one another?”

“Why didn’t we make it as a couple and how can we continue to grow as individuals?”

Assessment Batteries


For those considering engagement or marriage and want to know each other more deeply.


For those considering children and wanting to anticipate possible difficulties in co-parenting.

Conflict Resolution

For those feeling stuck in repetitive arguments and patterns and who want to break the cycle.

Peaceful Separation and/or Co-parenting

For those who want to separate amicably and learn more about what didn’t work. This can also include developing a co-parenting plan.

What to expect during your assessment

  • In-depth interviews with your examiner to get a full picture of your experiences.
  • Psychological testing to better understand a variety of aspects of your relationship, as well as your individual strengths, personalities, and styles of communicating.
  • A collaborative discussion of test findings to paint a picture that feels fitting for both partners.
  • Comprehensive feedback that answers your questions, as well as recommendations for moving forward.

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