Individual Assessments

Sometimes you can feel stuck in repetitive patterns that are no longer serving you, but the path to breaking out of them is unclear. Individual personality assessments can help to demystify why you may gravitate towards the same kinds of partners or find yourself falling into the same relationship dynamics over and over again. Assessments can be helpful independently, or as an adjunct to individual or group therapy.

Questions you might hope to answer:

“Why do I keep falling for the same types of partners, even though they aren’t right for me?”

“Why can’t I get close to people?”

“Why do I keep finding myself in the same relationship patterns even though I want something different?”

“How can I build more fulfilling, intimate relationships?”

What to expect during your assessment:

  • An in-depth interview with your examiner to get a full picture of your experiences.
  • Psychological testing to better understand your individual strengths, personality characteristics, and style of relating to others.
  • A collaborative discussion of test findings to paint a holistic picture that feels fitting to you.
  • Comprehensive feedback that answers your questions, as well as recommendations for moving forward.
  • Fully in-person or hybrid assessments available.

Contact us for duration, pricing, and other information.