Discerning Whether to Leave a Relationship

Man walking out the door leaving on a trip

Perhaps your marriage has been stagnating for years and you hardly recognize the person you sleep next to every night. Or maybe you just found out your spouse has been having a continuous affair over several years. Leaving the relationship might be one of your first instincts, but then you course correct, remembering all the good times or all there is to lose. It is often hard or seemingly impossible to discern what to do when the relationship has hit a breaking point.

Having a third set of eyes on the problem can bring clarity to what appears to be an unsolvable problem. It’s true that relationships don’t come with user manuals, as many are quick to lament. In therapy, when you talk about the wounds, the sticking points, and the grievances, you can often open up new spaces. With a fresh perspective you can make clearly thought through decisions about the relationship’s trajectory. Even if the end result is separation, you will have made this life altering decision after considering every important vantage point.