Postpartum Relationship Navigation

Couple holding hands of a small child

Despite its obvious joys, new parenthood almost inevitably takes a toll on romantic partnerships. Seemingly overnight each partner is thrust into a different role from what they are used to, and a different role from their partner. They feel misunderstood, underappreciated, and often lonely. Additionally, there is a constant source of need, possibly contributing to sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. New mothers famously feel guilt for whatever they feel they aren’t doing well enough as a mother. They might be seeking support but coming up short, which exacerbates their self-doubt and loneliness. New fathers often deeply desire to be helpful and good providers while bonding with their child, but sometimes they don’t feel good enough or appreciated despite their efforts. You might have a parent staying home for the first time, feeling lost in the mountain of domestic responsibilities. Therapy is often the last item on a new parent’s to-do list, but it is the ultimate form of self care, especially if their partner feels emotionally far away. Therapy is a way of reuniting the love that brought you together while both holding up this new little life.