Serious or Chronic Illness

Couple walking through a forest of tall trees

The stresses of physical illness are not just physical. They are emotional and relational. You’ve experienced this if you or your partner has received a diagnosis of diabetes, or multiple sclerosis, or cancer. You’ll experience it if your child develops or is born with a serious or life-limiting condition. You experience it as your concern grows about your aging parents’ health. You experience it if you or a loved one lives with a chronic condition like asthma or rheumatoid arthritis or chronic pain. At PCT, we can offer consultation, guidance and support at any point in your experience with illness.

Together we can explore the resources and strengths that you bring to the table, and the ways that these intersect with the particular challenges of this illness at this time in your life or your family’s life. This is not a circumstance to withstand alone. At PCT we are well-equipped to be your anchor and your ballast, all at once.