Negotiating Polyamory

Three people standing at the top of a cliff

Some couples have decided they want to welcome more people into their relationship while maintaining a commitment to one another. This is becoming more and more common, but is not easy to navigate. Often, the idea of an open relationship is semantically misleading, as one partner is thinking one thing and the other is thinking something altogether different. This can be parsed out in therapy by delving deeply into the desires, fantasies, and needs of each partner. In navigating polyamory in the context of a loving relationship, the couple finds they learn more of the inner workings of their partner and their intimacy grows tremendously. Whatever decision the couple comes to at the end of treatment, their relationship is the better for it. We are kink and poly friendly at PCT, and hope you feel comfortable coming to us to better understand the direction your relationship wants to take, in and out of the bedroom.