Dating couples

Couple on a date

It doesn’t matter how young a relationship is, going to therapy to better understand your burgeoning dynamics is the smartest thing you can do to strengthen your bond. If you feel your partnership could use an extra set of eyes, therapy can be a push in the right direction and even a needed thumbs up to feel like you’re on the right track.

Many dating couples have been together for several years and have come up against a roadblock of sorts, such as one wanting to get married and the other feeling ambivalent. Therapy is an ideal venue to decide where to turn and to better understand the inner workings of your partner’s mind. We work our hardest to provide a feeling of deep safety and understanding of both of your experiences, and walk with you hand in hand to ensure there is an eventual understanding between you.

It is our belief that starting couples therapy early on in your relationship is one of the most fortifying actions you can take on behalf of your romantic partnership.