Two men in wedding attire, standing at the altar

Sexual orientations and identities are an integral part of the lens through which we experience the world around us. As human beings are social creatures, emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions to others are a common experience for us all. However, in an oftentimes heteronormative society, understanding and exploring what it means to be attracted to someone of the same sex, gender, or identity vector can be a confusing process. For some, trying to navigate the differences between romantic and sexual attractions might be a novel process as we are often taught to place emphasis largely on sexual compatibility. Even further, some might find that they are interested in folks from several sexual or gender identities in different ways. Whichever scenario is applicable to you, the clinicians at PCT firmly believe that having a safe space for this exploration is essential to figuring out what feels right for you and the relationships you wish to curate.

Additionally, navigating the “coming out” process can be its own challenge; much like other identity vectors, sexual orientation is greatly influenced by race, cultural background, ethnic group, religion, political identity, and ability status. The “coming out” process is not a linear process and we want to support you wherever you might be on your sexual identity journey. To that end, we at PCT highly respect each identity represented on the LBGTQIA+ spectrum. Each letter holds incredible weight by representing its own unique community of people with their own unique set of challenges. We want you to rest assured that, regardless of which LGBTQIA+ identity you hold, our clinicians are ready to provide you with affirming care as fierce advocates and allies of all sexual and gender identities.

Lastly, we know that for those coming in for couples therapy, there are a myriad of similarities and differences between those of LGBTQIA+ couples and straight couples. In this type of work, we remain open to exploring whichever issues seem most pressing to the couple. Depending on your relationship and personal history, you might find that there are several different areas you may wish to explore with your partner as you seek to bolster your relationship. Some examples of these are, and are not limited to, the following: navigating sexual identity changes mid-relationship, exploring LGBTQIA+ parenthood, coming out difficulties, sexual intimacy issues, examining relational trauma, and exploring polyamory. Regardless of your presenting concern, we look forward to working with you and joining you on your journey to continued self-discovery.