Dr. Emily Stanton

Dr. Emily Stanton

Being truly seen and accepted can be a life-changing experience. I am continuously inspired to bear witness to the stories of others and help them feel less alone.

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle with your partner, repeating the same argument over and over but not knowing how to stop? An argument can feel like a runaway train that seems to take on a force of its own; you find yourselves stuck on points that are far from where the conversation started. As this pattern continues, it can start to feel like you and your partner are living two different realities. Differences between you and partner that at one time drew you together now feel painful and you feel lonely in your own home, like your closest person doesn’t understand you at all. You may even start to fear you’re incompatible.

Emily helps couples slow down and untangle these cycles so that partners can feel understood and heard by one another again. She recognizes that people often get stuck in an argumentative pattern together because there is something incredibly important partners want each other to hear that is being missed. Emily listens for and emphasizes what isn’t being said or heard and helps shift the language so that couples can talk to each other in new and healing ways. She does this with a lens of compassion and acceptance, which allows both partners to finally feel seen and validated. In this way arguments become shorter, partners start to feel closeness and warmth again, and home starts feeling more welcoming and safe.

When working with Emily you will experience her warmth and her humanity. She listens to you as an equal and believes all people are worthy and deserving of a good life. She aims to show you your intrinsic value and that you do not have to feel alone. It is Emily’s belief that people are capable of finding connection when they tune into their emotions and those of their partner, and embrace one another’s inner worlds. When your relationship feels lost, she will walk alongside you until hope feels possible.

I live by the philosophy that
the most powerful lessons come through our connections with others.
I could spend every day
sitting by the water with my family.
As a therapist, I
aim to be vulnerable, attuned, and authentic with my clients (because I know I’m asking them to do the same!)


  • Psy.D., Clinical Psychology; Widener University (APA-Accredited)
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology, Widener University
  • B.S., Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University


Supervised by Anna Nicholaides, Psy.D.