Sam Siegel-Wallace

Sam Siegel-Wallace

Clinical Psychology Pre-Doctoral Intern

It is one of my greatest inspirations to be a part of my clients’ journey as they build lives of authenticity and joy.

Sam has a background in working with ADHD and he appreciates the unique dynamics that emerge when couples may experience the world differently. He understands that the very thing that makes you feel invisible or forgotten by your partner may also be part of what makes them feel present and empathetic. From uncompleted chores to insomnia, from issues with communication to the effects of medication, Sam recognizes the wide range of challenges individuals and couples with ADHD face. He understands the frustrations of focus, the troubles with tasks, and the impact distractions have on daily life. As a learning specialist, Sam is experienced with the different ways that ADHD can manifest and influence people’s emotional states. He’s well-versed in addressing task paralysis, procrastination, and executive functioning issues, as well as the phenomenon of hyperfocus and fixations. In therapy, Sam enjoys helping couples find the point where their greatest strengths connect and complement each other, while also providing a safe space for individuals to feel heard and understood

As a couples therapist, Sam sees his role as a translator between two people who want to understand each other’s language and honors the unique experience and history of each individual. He creates a space where each person can be open, honest, and courageous so that they can share their values, doubts, and the feelings that haven’t yet been given voice. He believes that intimacy is found when each person can feel recognized and appreciated so that they can truly connect with the ones they love.

Sam is warm, curious, and perceptive. He uses metaphors and humor when possible to help give shape to feelings that are hard to describe in words, creating a therapeutic environment where clients feel truly seen, understood, and supported in their healing journey.

I live by the philosophy that
that the road to success in any pursuit is always under construction and that we should be curious about how to take the next step.
I could spend every day
laying with my dogs outside, cooking a new dish, watching a good movie, and talking with an old friend until the sun rises.
As a therapist, I
believe that our relationships and our values are the most important parts of who we are.


  • M.A. Clinical Psychology; Widener University Internship, Organizational Development Services


  • American Psychological Association


Supervised by Anna Nicholaides, Psy.D.