Adult Families

People sitting under a tree in the springtime

Being part of a family doesn’t always get easier with age and maturity. Life stressors and transitions such as those brought on by mental illness or addiction, death, financial strain, estrangement, aging family members, and cultural differences might bring adult families to work with a therapist. You may be hoping to find a way past old resentments and hurts with your siblings, a parent looking to work through conflict with an adult child, or a newlywed hoping for a more positive connection with an in-law. In these circumstances and many more, the clinicians at PCT will help you understand and renegotiate the roles you have inhabited in your family system so that you can focus on the love and connection you long for with the people closest to you. We’ll work with you to help you hear your family member(s) with fresh ears, relate to old patterns and familiar people in new ways, and maneuver perpetual conflicts with greater flexibility.