Child with Chronic Illness

Baby sleeping on mother

One of the deepest stressors for a couple is the illness of a child. All at once you are rendered vulnerable in an unimaginable way, and your source of support and understanding, your best friend, is unavailable for support. It is almost certain that you and your partner will cope and mourn in wildly differing ways, sometimes inadvertently yet profoundly hurting one another. Both parents desperately need support but feel utterly alone and misunderstood. Both parents have different roles in the family and the child’s life, but both are equally as devastated and lost. This is when it is important to have a third set of eyes on the situation, somewhere to call a safe haven, and someone to offer unending support when the chips are down and neither partner can hold the other up. This is not a circumstance to withstand alone. At PCT we are well-equipped to be your anchor and your ballast, all at once.